Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Millions of Straight Men are Secretly Gay

 Millions of men across the planet who appear to be heterosexual, are secretly gay and therefore are not counted in the statistics for the approximate number of gay people in the world. 

Many of these men have been married and have children. Some are still married and keep their gay desire a closely held secret.

These men are not interested in gay politics or being counted as gay. They do not see any good reason or results in announcing their sexuality, and they carry on their liaisons in total secrecy. They are construction workers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, office workers, blue and white-collar, and they will never be counted as part of the world gay population. 

Many straight-appearing gay men have given considerable thought to their situation, and the consequences of being openly gay are not something they want to risk or experience. They navigate a narrow, subterranean world in which they must be careful at every turn. 

Given the stigma that comes for some people who are openly gay, it can be argued the strategy of the straight gay man serves their purposes and lifestyle, lacking in confrontation and adversity. Some will argue that such a life is unauthentic and lacks the fulfillment of true happiness. As we know, happiness is often what we can make it, and even in the most authentic, fulfilled lives happiness can have low moments because such is life in this complicated world we live. This is but a sketch of this subject, and more is certainly to follow.

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