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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Psychology of Rape ( Part One); Sexmantics: The Philosophy of Sex

by Preston Brady III

The Psychology of Rape (Part One)

 Male hetrosexual rape against a woman is the most prevalent type of rape in the world - by far. And still it is a commonly misunderstood subject. Often overlooked is the animal nature of humans. We named ourselves human, to distinguish ourselves from other animals. The truth is we are domesticated animals, and it appears we have more control of the planet than any other animal. 

It is clear the manner in which some humans exert control, has been a failure on many levels. Sex education in most of the world is basically a few lessons in a classroom in which usually most shy away from discussion, and is considered embarrassing or humorous. There are extremely wide ranges of incidents from country to country. In this part the United States and United Kingdom are the focus. Statistically, as far as reported rapes are concerned, UK and USA are close at about 27%  per 100 000 of the population, including rape against males, of having been the victim of rape or attempted rape. (2010.) Male rape and definitions of rape are topics of future posts.

Back to man as an animal. Most heterosexual men who commit rape against a woman have an imbalanced hormonal chemistry. Despite a prevailing notion of connecting pornography with rape, most men who commit rape lack a healthy release system that would likely temper their over-urge for a one on one sex act. In other words they don’t watch or view pornography, or rarely do, and they don’t masturbate, or rarely do. They fixate on sex with a woman, and often it is a woman they have met or have known for a period of time. Men who rape women believe a number of things other men do not. They believe a courtship with a woman should lead to sex. They are invested in the woman and believe mutual sex at some point is implied. Elevated testosterone and prolonged failure to release, drive the act of rape. Widespread legalization of prostitution, more societal education about sex, less sex shaming, more tolerance of other people, would reduce rape in countries like the US and UK. One possible way to reduce rape in which the perpetrator and victim are previously unknown to one another,  is by openly providing legal outlets for men who reach that point of desperation, to obtain sex. Reducing rape by men against women they know, is more complex. However, being aware of legal avenues to satisfy what appears to be an animalistic seemingly uncontrollable need for sex, could divert some of these men, and allow them an alternative to rape.

Rape statistics compiled in 2010 even then could not be considered very valuable data, but only a glimpse of the true picture. Rape is a crime of guilt for many victims. The act is unreported in many instances;obviously that percentage is unknown. 

Rape is more preventable by societies and governments recognizing the cause of the problem, and allowing what they consider unorthodox alternatives to be publicly available. This is an exhaustive, far more complex issue than can be covered in one small piece. More to come in future writings. 


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