Sunday, March 26, 2023

Legislate Public Bathrooms by Adding Privacy

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Sexmantics- The Philosophy of Sex by Preston Brady III 

 Legislate Public Bathrooms by Adding Privacy 

 In America, in order to facilitate a more harmonious society, a transition from bathrooms labeled men and women, with just the label bathroom, would repair several growing problems, one of which is government laws mandating who can use a public bathroom, when they can use it and under what conditions a person can use a public bathroom. Fixing the bathroom problem is easy: remove the current partial doors attached to stalls and install full doors. Partition male urinals in the same room so they are out of view. The funds it would take to accomplish this could not exceed the cost of unnecessary legislation which not only limits or in some cases prohibits some people from using a public bathroom, it deepens a divide amongst the public over civil and personal rights of individuals. By way of analogy, in some states bakers can decide to whom they will sell a cake. The biggest riff concerned wedding cakes and personal beliefs of some bakers regarding sexuality and religious held doctrines regarding who can and cannot become legally married. If these laws are to be legislated and passed, then it would almost seem to follow that individuals could also choose which public bathroom they will use. The jury is still out on this particular issue but again, it’s possible and feasible to redesign public bathrooms wherein the privacy of a bathroom stall precludes any need of designating the entire room itself as male or female. This is not a new idea and in various parts of the world such private stalls have existed for decades. In fact, I recall seeing one in Helsinki over 40 years ago. In the United States there are numerous companies offering and constructing bathrooms with full door stalls. There is no need for governors and other politicians in America today, with the technology at hand, to sign into law legislation specifically aimed at transexual and nonbinary citizens. 


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