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Saturday, March 25, 2023

David; Sexmantics: The Philosophy of Sex

by Preston Brady III


A school principal in Florida was forced to resign after his staff allegedly failed to notify parents of sixth graders that photos of Michaelangelo’s famous nude statue of David would be shown to the students. The beauty of the artwork was not in question. Some parents felt it was too soon for their children to see a penis. It can be observed that possibly half of the students had already been exposed to a penis, and not just a photo of one but rather half way down their own bodies they had one of their very own. Philosophically, it could be somewhat counterproductive to future mental health, to shield youngsters from images of a natural body, even if it is of the opposite sex. It could transmit an alarming signal to the youngster that something is gravely wrong about human anatomy. It could result in psychological issues, say for a young adult woman about to consummate her marriage to a man. While it is true and valid, a parent’s right to monitor their children’s exposure to such things as art and the human body, it would seem fit for the exposure to be controlled by considering homeschooling for the child, or a private school that adheres to your own personal philosophy. 


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