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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Children Trapped in the Wrong Body; Sexmantics -The Philosophy of Sex

by Preston Brady III

Children Trapped in the Wrong Body

Imagine being a 12 year old “boy” who mentally identifies as a girl. At an age when other boys are coming out of the girls are gross stage and now being attracted to them, you are attracted to boys. This is a dilemma of many children across the world. It goes the other way too: a child born as a female, attracted to females. 

For reasons still being studied and explored, some children accept this condition as being gay, while a smaller, but significant number of children do not feel gay at all but rather through a mix-up in nature, they were born the incorrect sex. Since, for about the past 40 years it has been physically possible to have your sex reassigned, more younger people are opting and planning for this transition. It’s a tremendous challenge, especially since in most cases the individual is required to begin the process by living as the sex they should have physically been born. 

It may be less stressful for an adult to decide upon and make this transition, but a child will face more difficult challenges, and it would be crucial, if not absolutely required to have the full support of parents and other family members. 

It would be ideal to also have the support of society, and that is slow coming although it is growing and in the distant future most people will be accepting of this situation and respect it. The two main push backs against transsexuality are religion and lack of understanding. 

 Children face the toughest challenges, especially from their peers. A child in this situation would need to stay focused on themself first, and maintain a mindset that the individual comes first, and society - the rest of the world - are delegated second. The child would need to maintain strong self-esteem, and be able to visualize their own future that transcends them past the very tough moments. The child would need to be mentally strong. 

Society, in general, views children as innocents whose level of being bad or cruel is natural and forgiving. However, children are very often a reflection of their parents, and they can bring that level of negative energy and cruelty to confrontations. In that regard they are mimicking adults, which in these cases likely indicates one or both parents have these personality traits. The result in the case of gay and transgender children is often a barrage of unrelenting harassment-metal and often physical. 

Schools, churches, governments, society need to do a lot more to protect the rights of a child going through this transition. An individual’s life is their very own. Life should guarantee them choices that harm no other individuals or society. This can only fully happen when government and religion accept that they cannot control or dictate such personal decisions as what sex you are. 


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