Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Small Town People and Sexuality

 With rare exception, people who live in small towns have small-minded views about sexuality. Everyone knows everyone and they are all, at least publicly, heterosexual and married. Some small towns have a token homosexual or homosexual couple. Most think it’s novel and adds a little character to the town. They will accept the homosexual or couple as long as the individuals do not cross the line. Crossing the line would be holding hands in public. Kissing in public would be completely unacceptable. Some small town people will accept a gay or two who is relatively subdued in public and therefore does not force their hand. Small town people do not feel comfortable having to publicly confront homosexuality. It’s okay if it hovers in the background, people know about it but rarely if ever talk about it. It makes for good snickering material at gatherings. People wink and smile. They all know but it’s best to leave it unverbalized. Younger heterosexual makes can frequently act out against homosexuals. This is a way to showcase their masculinity and assure others they are not homosexual, even though sometimes they are homosexual and are in denial at the highest level. Small town heterosexual boys in a pack can be dangerous. They may take on a mob mentality and due to lower levels of intelligence quota, may react much like some animals in the wild. Extreme low levels of intelligence is rampant among small town heterosexual boys and due to self-awareness of this fact may cause extreme, sometimes dangerous actions on their part. Low intelligence in small town boys is often countered with overdriven testosterone levels. This anomaly can be dangerous when the physical dominance outweighs mental functionality. The over-aggression often finds it’s mark on targeted girls or women. This is a subject most definitely to circle back on in future posts here. 

Millions of Straight Men are Secretly Gay

 Millions of men across the planet who appear to be heterosexual, are secretly gay and therefore are not counted in the statistics for the approximate number of gay people in the world. 

Many of these men have been married and have children. Some are still married and keep their gay desire a closely held secret.

These men are not interested in gay politics or being counted as gay. They do not see any good reason or results in announcing their sexuality, and they carry on their liaisons in total secrecy. They are construction workers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, office workers, blue and white-collar, and they will never be counted as part of the world gay population. 

Many straight-appearing gay men have given considerable thought to their situation, and the consequences of being openly gay are not something they want to risk or experience. They navigate a narrow, subterranean world in which they must be careful at every turn. 

Given the stigma that comes for some people who are openly gay, it can be argued the strategy of the straight gay man serves their purposes and lifestyle, lacking in confrontation and adversity. Some will argue that such a life is unauthentic and lacks the fulfillment of true happiness. As we know, happiness is often what we can make it, and even in the most authentic, fulfilled lives happiness can have low moments because such is life in this complicated world we live. This is but a sketch of this subject, and more is certainly to follow.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Sex the Forbidden

 Sex is the most forbidden thing on Earth. And yet millions of people yearn it, and most of them secretly, in private. Major religions forbid sex on most accounts. Sex is viewed on many levels as a path to procreation. Most religions view habitation on Earth as a pitstop to a higher level of being. Their belief is that existence here is but a temporary being for which there are strict rules that must be followed to achieve the ultimate level. The very life a person is given is chanced on an afterlife dependent on immense sacrifice on Earth. People are asked to put the brakes on their earthly desires, for a chance to live forever  in the after-earth life. The consequences of this sacrifice is tremendous.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Legislate Public Bathrooms by Adding Privacy

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Sexmantics- The Philosophy of Sex by Preston Brady III 

 Legislate Public Bathrooms by Adding Privacy 

 In America, in order to facilitate a more harmonious society, a transition from bathrooms labeled men and women, with just the label bathroom, would repair several growing problems, one of which is government laws mandating who can use a public bathroom, when they can use it and under what conditions a person can use a public bathroom. Fixing the bathroom problem is easy: remove the current partial doors attached to stalls and install full doors. Partition male urinals in the same room so they are out of view. The funds it would take to accomplish this could not exceed the cost of unnecessary legislation which not only limits or in some cases prohibits some people from using a public bathroom, it deepens a divide amongst the public over civil and personal rights of individuals. By way of analogy, in some states bakers can decide to whom they will sell a cake. The biggest riff concerned wedding cakes and personal beliefs of some bakers regarding sexuality and religious held doctrines regarding who can and cannot become legally married. If these laws are to be legislated and passed, then it would almost seem to follow that individuals could also choose which public bathroom they will use. The jury is still out on this particular issue but again, it’s possible and feasible to redesign public bathrooms wherein the privacy of a bathroom stall precludes any need of designating the entire room itself as male or female. This is not a new idea and in various parts of the world such private stalls have existed for decades. In fact, I recall seeing one in Helsinki over 40 years ago. In the United States there are numerous companies offering and constructing bathrooms with full door stalls. There is no need for governors and other politicians in America today, with the technology at hand, to sign into law legislation specifically aimed at transexual and nonbinary citizens. 


Children Trapped in the Wrong Body

Sexmantics.com; Sexmantics -The Philosophy of Sex

by Preston Brady III

Children Trapped in the Wrong Body

Imagine being a 12 year old “boy” who mentally identifies as a girl. At an age when other boys are coming out of the girls are gross stage and now being attracted to them, you are attracted to boys. This is a dilemma of many children across the world. It goes the other way too: a child born as a female, attracted to females. 

For reasons still being studied and explored, some children accept this condition as being gay, while a smaller, but significant number of children do not feel gay at all but rather through a mix-up in nature, they were born the incorrect sex. Since, for about the past 40 years it has been physically possible to have your sex reassigned, more younger people are opting and planning for this transition. It’s a tremendous challenge, especially since in most cases the individual is required to begin the process by living as the sex they should have physically been born. 

It may be less stressful for an adult to decide upon and make this transition, but a child will face more difficult challenges, and it would be crucial, if not absolutely required to have the full support of parents and other family members. 

It would be ideal to also have the support of society, and that is slow coming although it is growing and in the distant future most people will be accepting of this situation and respect it. The two main push backs against transsexuality are religion and lack of understanding. 

 Children face the toughest challenges, especially from their peers. A child in this situation would need to stay focused on themself first, and maintain a mindset that the individual comes first, and society - the rest of the world - are delegated second. The child would need to maintain strong self-esteem, and be able to visualize their own future that transcends them past the very tough moments. The child would need to be mentally strong. 

Society, in general, views children as innocents whose level of being bad or cruel is natural and forgiving. However, children are very often a reflection of their parents, and they can bring that level of negative energy and cruelty to confrontations. In that regard they are mimicking adults, which in these cases likely indicates one or both parents have these personality traits. The result in the case of gay and transgender children is often a barrage of unrelenting harassment-metal and often physical. 

Schools, churches, governments, society need to do a lot more to protect the rights of a child going through this transition. An individual’s life is their very own. Life should guarantee them choices that harm no other individuals or society. This can only fully happen when government and religion accept that they cannot control or dictate such personal decisions as what sex you are. 


Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Psychology of Rape ( Part One)

Sexmantics.com; Sexmantics: The Philosophy of Sex

by Preston Brady III

The Psychology of Rape (Part One)

 Male hetrosexual rape against a woman is the most prevalent type of rape in the world - by far. And still it is a commonly misunderstood subject. Often overlooked is the animal nature of humans. We named ourselves human, to distinguish ourselves from other animals. The truth is we are domesticated animals, and it appears we have more control of the planet than any other animal. 

It is clear the manner in which some humans exert control, has been a failure on many levels. Sex education in most of the world is basically a few lessons in a classroom in which usually most shy away from discussion, and is considered embarrassing or humorous. There are extremely wide ranges of incidents from country to country. In this part the United States and United Kingdom are the focus. Statistically, as far as reported rapes are concerned, UK and USA are close at about 27%  per 100 000 of the population, including rape against males, of having been the victim of rape or attempted rape. (2010.) Male rape and definitions of rape are topics of future posts.

Back to man as an animal. Most heterosexual men who commit rape against a woman have an imbalanced hormonal chemistry. Despite a prevailing notion of connecting pornography with rape, most men who commit rape lack a healthy release system that would likely temper their over-urge for a one on one sex act. In other words they don’t watch or view pornography, or rarely do, and they don’t masturbate, or rarely do. They fixate on sex with a woman, and often it is a woman they have met or have known for a period of time. Men who rape women believe a number of things other men do not. They believe a courtship with a woman should lead to sex. They are invested in the woman and believe mutual sex at some point is implied. Elevated testosterone and prolonged failure to release, drive the act of rape. Widespread legalization of prostitution, more societal education about sex, less sex shaming, more tolerance of other people, would reduce rape in countries like the US and UK. One possible way to reduce rape in which the perpetrator and victim are previously unknown to one another,  is by openly providing legal outlets for men who reach that point of desperation, to obtain sex. Reducing rape by men against women they know, is more complex. However, being aware of legal avenues to satisfy what appears to be an animalistic seemingly uncontrollable need for sex, could divert some of these men, and allow them an alternative to rape.

Rape statistics compiled in 2010 even then could not be considered very valuable data, but only a glimpse of the true picture. Rape is a crime of guilt for many victims. The act is unreported in many instances;obviously that percentage is unknown. 

Rape is more preventable by societies and governments recognizing the cause of the problem, and allowing what they consider unorthodox alternatives to be publicly available. This is an exhaustive, far more complex issue than can be covered in one small piece. More to come in future writings. 



Sexmantics.com; Sexmantics: The Philosophy of Sex

by Preston Brady III


A school principal in Florida was forced to resign after his staff allegedly failed to notify parents of sixth graders that photos of Michaelangelo’s famous nude statue of David would be shown to the students. The beauty of the artwork was not in question. Some parents felt it was too soon for their children to see a penis. It can be observed that possibly half of the students had already been exposed to a penis, and not just a photo of one but rather half way down their own bodies they had one of their very own. Philosophically, it could be somewhat counterproductive to future mental health, to shield youngsters from images of a natural body, even if it is of the opposite sex. It could transmit an alarming signal to the youngster that something is gravely wrong about human anatomy. It could result in psychological issues, say for a young adult woman about to consummate her marriage to a man. While it is true and valid, a parent’s right to monitor their children’s exposure to such things as art and the human body, it would seem fit for the exposure to be controlled by considering homeschooling for the child, or a private school that adheres to your own personal philosophy. 


The Worldwide Repression of sexuality

 The repression of sexuality has been a worldwide campaign since the 17th century. It has its roots in fundamental religion and fundamental ...